What We Do

Our clients seek specialized engineering services. To meet their needs, we concentrate on providing a few key markets with complete engineering solutions, based on more than 20 years of experience.

Meeting our clients’ objectives for their solid waste and coal combustion residual management needs, our menu of service offerings includes the most up-to-date and proven technologies.

When engineering complex civil & environmental projects, solving one problem could bring unintentional consequences. Through our experience we have become proficient at anticipating the “domino effect” of engineering decisions.

Our clients turn to Garrett & Moore repeatedly, because of an exceptional ability to anticipate potential problems & prevent the mistakes along the way.

In the last 5 years, Garrett & Moore has provided engineering, construction administration & CQA services for $45 Million worth of lined landfill, lined pond & final cover projects. When it comes to investigating existing ash surface impoundments, Garrett & Moore is a leader. We successfully completed an ash pond closure project and we have investigated & prepared closure plans for two additional ash pond closure projects. This experience places us above our peers on the “learning curve” for closure of ash ponds.

In the last four years alone, we have prepared

  • 6 Landfill Siting Studies, and
  • 7 Permit to Construct Applications

for unique lined landfill facilities.

When it comes to permitting landfills in today’s regulatory environment, one message holds true: there is no replacement for experience…..and we bring it.



From Landfill permitting and design to construction services, environmental monitoring to financial evaluations, our cornerstone is to develop innovative, earth-friendly and economical solutions for every project


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Garrett & Moore provides a wide range of environmental engineering services in support of the management of coal combustion residuals for power generating facilities including:

  • Coal Ash Pond Evaluations & Closure
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Scrubber Waste
  • Landfills for Coal Combustion Residuals

We have been working with power companies since the mid 1990's, with the design and permitting of industrial solid waste landfills for coal combustion residuals.

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