• Vance F. Moore, P.E.


    direct: 919.792.1901

    Mr. Moore has over 30 years of solid waste consulting experience. He has served as a Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer for numerous landfill design, permitting projects, as well as remediation projects; ash landfill runoff pond design projects; ash sluicing pond evaluations; and RCRA Subtitle D, C&D, Industrial and CCR landfill facility projects developed in North and South Carolina.

    Vance is a proficient solid waste program master planner, providing feasibility and financial studies, fee/user fee analyses, capital budget projections, bond issuance support, closure and post-closure financial assurance, and operational costs analysis, solid waste facility planning, siting and permitting. He brings a solid background in the Regulatory processes.

  • Bernie Garrett, P.E.

    direct: 919.792.1902

    Mr. Garrett has over 30 years of experience providing engineering and consulting services primarily in the power and waste industries. Mr. Garrett’s is experienced in the management of coal combustion byproduct, including but not limited to containment facilities and disposal; ash sluicing pond evaluations; NDPES wastewater discharge permitting; ash pond characterization and remediation; flue gas desulphurization (FGD) scrubber blowdown wastewater treatment technology evaluations and wastewater treatment pond design; gypsum byproduct leachate characterization and wastewater pond design; and ash landfill siting, design, and permitting.

    Bernie is a proficient consultant, providing services to solid waste firms, counties and department staff. He brings a comprehensive approach to the task at hand and the extended project. He has worked with many departments to evaulate their solid waste program and find solutions that consider owner, department, operational, environmental, economic and regulatory perspectives.

  • Stefan Bray, P.E.

    direct: 919.792.1903

    Mr. Bray has over 25 years of experience with geotechnical/environmental projects; his emphasis is focused on the design and construction of solid waste containment facilities. He has an expertise in landfill and containment facility design, geotechnical engineering, environmental permitting (solid waste, wastewater, stormwater), developing construction plans and specifications, and contract administration.

    He has a wealth of experience in the field and from a management perspective providing Construction Quality Assurance and Certification for over 35 lined waste containment facilities and closure projects. In addtion, Mr. Bray oversees our hydrogeological investigations, geotechnical drilling and environmental investigation site investigation projects.

  • Craig Fortner, P.E.

    direct: 919.792.1904

    Mr. Fortner has over 20 years of experience serving as Project Engineer providing engineering services to solid waste clients. He is design engineer proficient with geotechnical engineering projects and offers and emphasis on stormwater, groundwater and liquid management aspects. Craig is experienced in providing solid waste facility design and permitting, solid waste facility operations analysis, wastewater treatment design, site characterization studies, geotechnical engineering analysis, construction contract administration, environmental permitting, hydraulic/hydrologic studies, stormwater design, construction quality assurance services, and field testing services during earthworks construction.

  • Stephen Nichting

    direct: 919.792.1905

    tephen Nichting has 25 years of experience in the solid waste industry. He has been involved in the development and management of landfill facilities throughout the southeast, Illinois and Kentucky. Prior to joining Garrett & Moore in 2008, Mr. Nichting served as a construction manager on more than 40 landfill construction events. With G & M, Mr. Nichting has served as the construction manager for several solid waste facilities during construction of liner systems and closure systems. He offers constructability and operational perspectives to our projects.

    Steve is an experienced construction manager, CQA manager, engineering manager, General Manager of landfill and transfer station facilities, and operational consultant. He is proficient in solid waste planning, budgeting, profit and loss management, procurement, and compliance management.